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Strategic Growth

Strategic Growth

Williamson Law Group attorneys understand the market and strategies required to structure your company for growth, and to win and execute new work in the competitive government contracts marketplace.

Corporate Formation

Our team can work with you select and set up the corporate structure providing your company the optimal platform for success. In the event you are looking to expand through mergers and acquisition we can handle the complex interaction with government contracts, including due diligence, contract novations, security clearances and other considerations under government contracts.

Teaming for Success

Successfully winning and executing today’s government contracts often requires a team of companies working together. Williamson Law Group routinely advises prime contractors and subcontractors on the best way to form a contractor team, how to structure subcontracts, how to form strategic alliances or other ways to structure agreements. If a joint venture would be the best method, we can advise how to structure the joint venture, and perform all legal requirements to set up the joint venture as a recognized, fully registered and responsible government contractor.

Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, Grants, OTAs

Dealing with the government presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. No matter what kind of opportunity your company is interested in winning, Williamson Law Group attorneys can help guide you through the maze. We are expert at analyzing solicitations of all types, and can advise how to mitigate risk and execute successfully. Williamson Law Group can help your company succeed and meet your strategic growth objectives.

Representative Engagements:

  • Formed a joint venture between a US manufacturing company and an international company that resulted in the client winning a $500M per year equipment contract; drafted and negotiated all required agreements for the joint venture, and all required teaming agreements and subcontracts.
  • Formed populated joint ventures and registered them as LLCs for numerous large proposals to position the company as a responsible bidder; drafted/negotiated operating agreements, put agreements in place, handled international registrations, developed teaming agreements, contract/subcontract structure, compliance set-up, etc.
  • Provided legal support for many corporate re-structures, including mergers, forming and registering new subsidiaries, registering them in SAM, obtaining a new facility security clearance, supporting ITAR and other required notifications, performing all required novations, providing legal analysis to support new lines of credit, etc.
  • Provided legal support for a 5 year, $700M contract with Algeria to provide and integrate their air defense system; issues included payment terms, bonding, subcontractor issues, FCPA liability mitigation, etc.
  • Supported merger and acquisitions of numerous government contractors, including performing due diligence, drafting required documents, executing novations, working with the facility security officer to obtain facility clearance, make all required notifications, etc.
  • Drafted and/or analyzed many RFPs, teaming agreements, NDAs, subcontracts.

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