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Williamson Law Group provides your company a competitive advantage performing and growing your government contracts business.

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As government contracting increases in size and importance, it is also growing in complexity and compliance risk.
Working with the government can be daunting. Let our team be part of your solution.
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Government Contracts

Williamson Law Group vigorously fights to protect your rights to ensure the government is adhering to the rules in acquisition...
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Compliance and Ethics

Government contractors are one of the most highly regulated group of businesses, and the regulations are only increasing and becoming...
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Intellectual Property Rights

Your business depends upon your competitive edge.  Your competitive edge is your intellectual property.  How well your intellectual property is...
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Strategic Growth

Williamson Law Group attorneys understand the market and strategies required to structure your company for growth, and to win and...
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About Us

Williamson Law Group was founded on the belief that dealing with the government is not a level playing field. We believe you need a team of lawyers who are experienced in all aspects of working with the government, who know how to use the rules to your advantage, and who can provide you with a winning solution. Whether you are facing a problem now, or want the best advice to avoid problems in the future, Williamson Law Group attorneys will be your partners to offer solutions. With us on your side, you never need to worry about being over-matched in any contest with the government. Combining hands-on legal counsel with years of specialized legal expertise and practice both inside and outside the government, you can rely on Williamson Law Group to be your trusted partner when dealing with the government.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Scott Williamson

Founding Member
Scott Williamson is the founding member of Williamson Law Group LLC. Mr. Williamson has a broad range of experience in...
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Dean G. Popps

Dean G. Popps

Senior National Security Advisor
Dean G. Popps currently serves as Senior National Security Advisor to the Williamson Law Group (WLG) with clients in the...
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Daniel Williamson

Dan is an attorney with Williamson Law Group, where his practice focuses on government contracts and complex commercial transactions. Dan...
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Williamson Law Group attorneys are licensed in Maryland, North Carolina, Nevada, the District of Columbia and with the Patent and Trademark office. However, we represent clients in all 50 states in our federal government practice, and will travel to where the issue is. Contact us today to see how we can work with you.