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Compliance and Ethics

Compliance and Ethics

Government contractors are one of the most highly regulated group of businesses, and the regulations are only increasing and becoming more complex.  Williamson Law Group has extensive experience providing powerful compliance solutions, including performing attorney-client privileged internal investigations, compliance reviews, advising and establishing rigorous compliance programs, drafting Codes of Conduct and Compliance Policies, and providing compliance training for government contractors.

Compliance and ethics is a minefield of regulations and laws.  Many of these laws are criminal, and carry substantial personal liability to government contractors.  Our attorneys can help you identify and avoid the pitfalls.  If you are already facing problems, such as IG or other subpoenas, a show-cause letter, fines, penalties or potential criminal sanctions, our attorneys are ready to provide legal services to mitigate and recover with minimal impact to your business.

Representative Engagements:

  • Investigated and settled an OIG investigation of false claims and other charges arising from alleged improper time keeping practices, improper indirect cost charging practices, improperly charging for unallowable costs, and related allegations, with no charges being filed.
  • Conducted numerous internal investigations regarding alleged employee misconduct for clients, and advised the client on mandatory reporting requirements and corrective action.
  • Represented many corporate clients respond to OIG subpoenas, DOJ subpoenas and other government orders.
  • Drafted and negotiated numerous OCI mitigation plans to resolve potential conflicts of interest that were approved by the contracting officer.
  • Negotiated with DSS on numerous FOCI mitigation action plans, involving all FOCI mitigation instruments, including Board resolutions, SCA, SSA, and proxy agreements.
  • Coordinated all responsive materials, and negotiated a favorable settlement of, an OIG subpoena and investigation of defective pricing allegations under the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA).
  • Regularly advises clients on ethics issues including, for example, OCI, revolving door, gifts, FCPA, mandatory disclosures.

Your trusted partner for assured compliance and ethics.