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Government Contracts

Government Contracts

Williamson Law Group vigorously fights to protect your rights to ensure the government is adhering to the rules in acquisition actions including contracts, cooperative agreements or other acquisition actions, as well as classified procurements.  We defend and challenge awards and solicitations before government agencies, at the Government Accountability Office, in the Court of Federal Claims, and in appeals before the Federal Circuit.  In addition, we frequently work with clients to structure their business and the business deal as they respond to solicitations or make unsolicited proposals.  Our attorneys are experts at all aspects of the business relationship and the government procurement cycle, and are available to help at any step of the process.

If you are facing issues in a solicitation or in an awarded contract, cooperative agreement or other action we have tremendous experience in all aspects of acquisition management and administration. We will help your business deal with any issue and thrive in the competitive government market.

Representative Engagements:

  • Negotiated favorable settlement for a client in a $100M partial termination for convenience resulting from the government restructuring of the program.
  • Represented clients in numerous bid protests where corrective action was taken by various federal agencies, and that allowed clients the opportunity to compete for government contract awards.
  • Investigated numerous ITAR and other export control violations, submitted findings and recommendations and, where appropriate, drafted and submitted voluntary disclosures with corrective actions that resulted in a favorable finding to the client company.
  • Drafted and negotiated unique government indemnification terms that were included in a cooperative agreement to operate a large government facility.
  • Drafted and negotiated numerous requests for equitable adjustment (REA) claims and claim appeals to various agencies that resulted in favorable results for the client.
  • Negotiated and successfully resolved many notices of disallowance of costs under the FAR cost principles; negotiated directly on many occasions with DCAA auditors and ACO/CACOs to resolve issues.

Your trusted partner to resolve government acquisition issues.